Sunday, February 16, 2014

Motorcycle ride on an Arizona winter day

We've been planning a ride to the Roadrunner Restaurant and Saloon in New River, Arizona for over a month. Finding a free Sunday for four motorcycle-riding couples isn't easy, but everything came together today.

The ride south to New River took us along familiar roads as we left the mountains behind us and descended into the Valley of the Sun. This winter has been warmer than usual, and even with a cloudy sky temperatures in the 60's and 70's felt wonderful.

We pulled into the Roadrunner's parking lot, full of Harleys and Harley-type cruisers. Our group included our BMW R1200GS, a Kawasaki Concours, a Victory, and a Harley. A 2-person band played country music while we enjoyed lunch in the sunshine. We'll have to come back another day to see someone ride the mechanical bull in a bull-pen off to the side.

We took the old route north to Prescott, riding on twisty 2-lane roads instead of the 1-17 Interstate.

A warm February day, good friends, a motorcycle-friendly restaurant, and roads that wind through the mountains. It's too bad February is a short month; we're ready to ride this trip again.


  1. Always hard to coordinate a day with friends when everyone has different schedules. It sounds like it was worth the wait.

  2. The ride was definitely worth the wait, and riding together with friends is always fun.