Saturday, June 15, 2013

A quick ride on familiar roads

After riding 6 days and almost 2000 miles last week, a short, quick ride from our home in Manchester, VT to Mike's parents' home in North Springfield, VT sounded like fun. Plus the sun was shining, the sky bright blue, the temperature in the mid-70's and Mike's mom was making her famous baked beans for dinner. Who wouldn't choose a motorcycle ride on a day like this?

I decided to take a photo of my view on the back of the BMW:  Mike's helmet. Of course I can look to either side, and sometimes I even twist around so I can look behind us. But when I sit still and stare straight ahead, this is what I see. So I leave it up to Mike to pay attention to what is in front of us, and I spend my time looking off to the sides.

Because we've been on these roads hundreds of times, I can plan some of my photos ahead of time, sometimes even asking Mike to slow down so I can capture a special shot.

Bromley ski area
view toward Stratton Mountain
When we're on familiar roads where I've taken lots of photos, I look for something unique and perhaps unexpected. The sun on our ride home was at the perfect angle for this shot.

riding home
Long rides are a wonderful opportunity to explore new areas, be surprised by a waterfall or stunning view as we turn a corner, or to take an unfamiliar road and find out where it leads. Short rides take less planning, and sometimes even no planning at all; we just jump on the bike and enjoy the day.
As we rode northeast today, Mike made the BMW 'dance', carving S-turns as we rode through the sunlight and shadows, views of our mountain home on both sides. Why ride in a car when we can dance on the bike?


  1. Sounds like perfect weather for a ride, not too hot, not cold, and not raining. You live in a very pretty area.

    And when anticipating eating baked beans - always best to ride and not take the car. :-)

    1. We haven't had many of those perfect days, and in fact we were planning a ride this afternoon but a thunderstorm got in our way. My mother-in-law has a secret baked beans recipe that make riding in a car an option :)

  2. My girlfriend just started to ride with me. She keeps teasing me that she wants to put a small TV into the back of my helmet so she can watch something. :P

    1. Get her a small video camera and she can produce awesome video during the ride. Have fun!