Thursday, September 20, 2018

Viking women's Ironborn textile jacket

The great folks at Viking Cycle sent me a women's pink Iron Born textile motorcycle jacket to review. Mike caught the "Ironborn" Game of Thrones reference right away!

I've worn a high-visibility yellow Olympia motorcycle jacket for years, and while I like wearing something that can be easily seen while we're on the road the Viking jacket looks much more stylish and has several fantastic features.

First, the Viking jacket has six different spots where I can adjust the fit to snug up the jacket closer to my body or to tighten up the wrists and at the elbows. I usually feel like a marshmallow wearing motorcycle gear, and this jacket actually looks great!

I also love all the pockets. There are pockets on the outside of the jacket on the front, a nifty pocket on the left sleeve by my wrist plus inner pockets. One of the inside pockets is designed specifically for a phone complete with a very clever system to wind headphone cables from the inside pocket to the top of the collar without the cables getting tangled.

The jacket comes with a warm quilted liner that easily zips into the outer shell. There are 2 buttons at the cuff of each sleeve to hold the liner but I found these are difficult to use, and the liner stays in place just as well without using the buttons.

I'll be interested to see how the Viking jacket ventilation system works when I test it out on a bike ride in the next few days. There are vents on the back as well as the front of the jacket that are designed for better airflow and to pull out hot air which is crucial riding in the hot and sunny Southwest. The jacket is also water resistant, and while we have rain gear that we put on when it's raining hard, I appreciate a water resistant jacket for light rain.

Another important feature for me is the removable armor so that I'm confident I'll be protected in case we ever go down on the bike. There is armor for the elbows, spine and shoulders.

The jacket feels comfortable and not at all heavy, and I like that it's lower in the back so that when I sit on the motorcycle it covers me all the way to the motorcycle seat.

Mike took a video of me demonstrating the jacket features:

Look for the next blog post when I wear the Viking jacket on a ride. 

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