Saturday, March 19, 2016

Too long off the bike

It's been far too long since we've been out on the bike. Blame it on work, weather, other types of travel, more work. This month we've gone out for two short rides, and now we're planning a longer trip this summer.

Two weeks ago we rode to Cottonwood for lunch, choosing to ride twisty, climbing 89A through Jerome and then twisting our way down into Cottonwood. Cottonwood is about 2000' lower elevation than Prescott, so it's warmer here. The Old Town main street is lined with wineries, restaurants, bars, art galleries and funky local shops, making it fun to walk along the street and peek in the store windows. We sat outside at Bocce which has fantastic pizza, sandwiches and salads and watched the people walk by as we ate our lunch.

Today we headed south on Iron Springs Road and Yavapai County 10 through Skull Valley.

We can tell Spring is coming from the bright green new leaves on the cottonwood trees. Today we didn't stop for lunch, instead continuing on 89 north toward Prescott, enjoying another twisty, climbing ride. The slower cars in front of us politely pulled to the side so we could pass, and we returned the favor for a group of 6 Harleys with Washington state plates following us. We came up behind them once we hit the stoplights in downtown Prescott, and waved as they continued north on 89.

We ended the ride with an ice cream cone, talking about a longer trip this summer to Colorado on our way to Oregon and a weekend trip in early April to Lake Havasu. We're going to make up for lost time!

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  1. I was wondering how you two were doing. Good to hear things are doing well and you are still out on two wheels.

    Oregon has had some much rain since November we haven't been out much at all. I think we are up almost 10 inches of your rain year.

    If you want to, let me know if you make it near our area (Corvallis/Willamette Valley) this summer and we'll do coffee and/or a meal.