Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Into the Clouds and Lookout Mountain

What a day! We had a shorter route planned so we slept in, enjoyed a later breakfast, and started out from LaGrange, Georgia about 9:30 am - just in time for the heat and humidity to kick in. I think we're getting used to it, because somehow the air felt cooler. It also helped that we climbed from about 780' above sea level in LaGrange to over 2,000' later in the day.

We love the names of the towns and rivers in this area, many of them based on Native American names. We crossed the Chattahoochee River, from the Creek 'chatta' or rock and 'hoochee' or river early in our trip today.

Our route mixed 4-lane divided highways with sweeping, curving 2-lane roads that wound through the Georgia countryside.

We eventually made our way to GA 157 which runs around and over Lookout Mountain, which is located in three states: the northwest corner of Georgia, the northeast corner of Alabama, and along the Tennessee line near Chattanooga (from the Creek 'rock coming to a point' meaning Lookout Mountain). We were hoping for open views to the valleys, but had to settle for quick peeks through some of the trees as woods line both sides of the highway.

We started to fear that once again we wouldn't find a place to eat lunch and finally reached the town of Lookout Mountain in Tennessee, and had a wonderful lunch of fresh salads with grilled chicken at Cafe on the Corner.

It took us 4 hours to ride from LaGrange, GA to Lookout Mountain, but only about 15 minutes to zoom down the mountain into Chattanooga. This was the most twisty and steepest part of our ride, and a definite highlight.

Plus we finally were able to look through the trees into Chattanooga far below us.

As we rode down off Lookout Mountain, the traffic increased and so did the temperature. We decided to take the Interstate to avoid sitting in traffic at stoplights, and ended our day in Cleveland, TN. We're planning local BBQ for dinner and an early night because tomorrow we have a lot of fun planned on the mountain twisties in Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina.  Here is today's route

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