Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A better than excellent day on the motorcycle

"This ride is better than excellent!" exclaimed Rob as we stopped for a short break after zooming down narrow roads that wound around tight corners that went on and on, something like a child learning to write the letter 'S' and not knowing when to stop drawing curves.

We rode 200 miles today, traveling along the Atlantic Ocean and discovering hidden beaches,

riding into the mountains and onto the cliffs of Slieve League with their 300 meter drop down into the Atlantic,

discovering incredibly rich and delicious Irish ice cream (forest berry and honey creme flavors - Ben and Jerry's, watch out!) at the top of the cliffs,

driving along the barren, hair-pin turns of the Glengesh Pass in an area where sheep and goats grazed on the sides of the impossibly steep hills as well as right next to the road,

and back to the B & B thrilled with the countryside, friendly and helpful people we met along the way, new friends, and the wonderfully fun motorcycle riding. Tomorrow we head south along the Atlantic coast to Westport. We're ready!

1 comment:

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